Please Read below the form for more information and what to expect, etc. this Sunday as you join us onsite.
(See Facemask Note/exceptions below)
(Online LiveStream Worship is still available each Sunday at 9a or 10:30a, and then re-posted.  Click here to worship online.)

We are in our “temporary normal” as we host our onsite worship services at 9am or 10:30am on Sundays.  A LiveStream will still be available online every Sunday Morning for those desiring not to attend in person…online worship option will not ever go away. We fully and completely understand that some may not be able or comfortable attending yet in person for a variety of reasons, and we respect and understand that decision.  We’re ONE FAMILY whether OnSITE or OnLINE!!
WHY RSVP??  THAT’S DIFFERENT!…You are right.  It does seem odd to RSVP for church.  However, in order for us to meet in person, we must follow guidelines and be fully prepared to host the number attending as we are limiting capacity inside our building for safety. 
If you are planning to attend this Sunday, and have not yet let us know, please reply to this form today as we will be limited to the current percentage of capacity of our worship building as we follow the Governor’s guidelines. We will arrange seating for those who have rsvp’d to attend. We understand and respect the decision of each family or individual, and we will continue to be ONE NEW HOPE FAMILY, regardless of whether worshipping at home or worshipping at church. The same opportunities will be afforded for each person and family in all ways.

Below is what you can expect as we have our new “temporary normal” for worship attendance under the current virus situation following the Governor’s Cabinet guidelines as well as our own protocols as a church:
FACEMASK/COVERING NOW REQUIRED via City of Hutto Declaration. We will have extra if you need one.  ((From the Disaster Declaration & Policy…“when not able to maintain 6 feet distance.” “…all employees or visitors to the commercial entity’s business premises or other facilities wear face coverings when in an area or performing an activity which will necessarily involve close contact or proximity to co-workers or the public where six feet of separation is not feasible.” “This requirement does not apply if covering the nose or mouth poses a greater mental or physical health, safety, or security risk to the Patron, such as anyone having trouble breathing due to a medical condition, or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance.”))

-If you are not feeling well, or have been around someone ill, or traveled outside the state, please stay home.
-We will have plenty Hand Sanitizer all around, but encourage you to bring your own to have at your seat.
-Please bring your Bibles or have a Bible App on your phone, as we will not be using pew Bibles. If you do not have a Bible at all, we have some that we can give you to take and keep and use.
-Doors will be opened for you.
-Upon arrival, you will enter the foyer, and we will have everything you need for the service to give you so that we do not have physical contact with trays during the service. You’ll receive ready-prepared communion, any offering & prayer notes, etc.
-You can place your offering in the basket as you enter or dismiss after worship.
-You will be ushered to a place to sit where distancing can be maintained.
-We will not have childcare or KidzClub and our services will be Family Style.  Any children who attend will be given a bag with crayons/activity pages to do during the service, and then a craft to do at home…the bag and contents will be taken home by each child after services. If you ever want any of the crafts and are home-worshipping, please let Michael know, and we’ll arrange to get some to you.
-We will still be doing baptisms, but will limit those to one person per baptistry tub per Sunday.
-We will not have any coffee or refreshments at this time…sorry!
-In lieu of bulletins, we will encourage everyone to stay up-to-date via our e-newsletter.
-Surfaces & Seating will be sanitized and wiped clean before, during, and after services.
-All our Volunteers will maintain sanitary precautions wearing facemasks always, and gloves where needed.

While this is not how we have had “church” and worship just a few months ago, it is how we must have worship right now at this time. We believe these protocols allow us to gather together, which is important. It is a great option that allows those ready to attend to be able to come together and “see” each other and worship corporately. There are many impacts that this virus lockdown has had on individuals, and the fact that we are designed by God for community lets me know that people need to see each other they love and care about…even if only at a 6 foot safe distance. It is important for mental health, too.
Also, It may seem harsh to limit attendance at each service, but we know that as the weeks go along, the Governor may allow for more percentage of space to be occupied, and we will gauge that as the days & weeks move onward. And, if we need to add additional services or modifications to stay within the percentage allowed or what we feel comfortable with for each service, we will do that so you can safely attend. 
Continue to pray for our church families, our state, nation, world, and everyone affected by Covid-19 in whatever impact it has had in their lives.
We pray you have a Blessed Week,
Michael Roepke & Leadership Team