Don’t Just live Life…Experience Life Together with others!

We believe the early church had the correct pattern for growing in the Lord. We feel that smaller groups gathered informally around the table or couch really enable people to share together, go deeper, and grow in the Lord together more freely. Plus, our desire is that lifelong friendships would develop and help people navigate life’s journey together.

LifeGroup Opportunties:

Sunday Evenings, 6p 
Host/Leaders – Aguilera’s
Host/Leaders – Meschnark (Singles)

Wednesday Evenings, 6:30p
Host/Leaders – Bosecker’s

Thursday Evenings, 6:30p*
Host/Leaders – Hammond’s

Friday Evenings, 6:30p*
Host/Leaders – Roepke’s

(*Children’s Options available)


–Each group will choose the study, frequency of meetings, etc., as we want each group to meet the needs of those participating.–

We need more Life Groups / Leaders.  For information on hosting/leading, contact Michael Roepke at