We can’t wait to share God’s love and the hope of the Gospel with your children and your family.  Join us Sundays or for any of our other events we hold.       Welcome Home!
If you will be joining us for the first time this Sunday, we can’t wait to meet your family!
We will have an online registration to fill out for each child at drop-off, so you may want to come as close to 10:15am as possible to prepare to drop off your kids for one of their “favorite hours of their week”.
You can also pre-fill out the forms at the links here…
Upcoming Events…
Oct 1 / Carmel Creek Fall Fest
Oct 6 /
Kids Fun Night
& Parents Night Out, 6p
Oct 13 /
Family Night
at Hutto Football Game

Oct 22 /
New Hope’s Fall Fest
Dec 3 /
Christmas Party
This Month in KidzClub! 
Can you imagine needing to walk through the desert? You’d be surrounded by cacti, sand, snakes, and more sand. With the heat of the sun, we’d wind up so thirsty and wondering “Are we there yet?” That’s probably how the Israelites felt as they wandered around the desert, waiting to enter the Promised Land. But no matter how tired our feet get, we can focus on what’s happening in our lives right now rather than just on where we’re going. In this five-week series based on stories from Exodus, we’ll explore how we can choose to be thankful, love God and others, turn to God when we’re lost, go to God when we need rest, and remember God’s promises.
If you need our Pastors at any time, contact them.  We are here for you and your family!
Email:  newhopehutto@yahoo.com

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For Information on our Children’s Ministry or on any events, Contact us at newhopehutto@yahoo.com