Don’t Just live Life…Experience Life Together with others!


LifeGroup Opportunties:

Let’s Get Ready to Grow in the Lord as we Grow in Relationship with Others.

The early church had the correct pattern for growing in the Lord. We feel that smaller groups gathered informally around the table or couch really enable people to share together, go deeper, and grow in the Lord together more freely. Plus, our desire is that lifelong friendships would develop and help people navigate life’s journey together.


Sunday: Aguilera Life Group (Hutto-full). 
You can reach out if an opening arises.

Monday: Goerger-Martinez Life Group (Hutto)
Meets at 6:30p every other week.  This will be geared for Younger Adults or those
desiring to impact young adults and families.

Monday: Daugherty Life Group (Taylor/Thrall)
Meets at 6:30p every other week.  (children/youth okay)

Wednesday: Bosecker Life Group (Round Rock)
Meets at 6:30p every other week [might meet every week, dep on group decision]

Friday: Hammond Life Group (Hutto)
Meets at 6p every week. (children/youth okay)

Friday: Roepke Life Group (Coupland-full)
Meets at 6:30p every other week, or times that the group decides. (children/youth okay)
You will be contacted by the Group Leader with the specific start date and address of Host home.  More information will be forthcoming, but filling out the form below reserves your seat in the group, unless you are notified the group has filled up in advance.