December 2017

Gift of I AM: The True Vine // Christmas 2017

Gift of I AM: The Good Shepherd // Christmas 2017

Gift of I AM: The Gate // Christmas 2017

November 2017

Gift of I AM: The Way, The Truth, The Life // Christmas 2017

Thankful–Tune My Heart // Philemon–Gospel in Action

Unity-In This Together // Philemon–Gospel in Action

Reconciliation // Philemon–Gospel in Action

October 2017

Forgiveness // Philemon-Gospel in Action

Transformation // Philemon–Gospel in Action

Service & Hospitality // Small Things, Big Difference – Value 5 & 6 // John 13

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We pray you are blessed by hearing this message from the Scriptures.  Our prayer is that God would make each message be His Words to you and that they would impact your life as you live out His teachings.