August 2015

CULTURAL NORMS ARE NOT GOD’S NORMS / Not of this World – Christian vs. Culture

July 2015

“NOT OF THIS WORLD” / Not of this World – Christian vs. Culture

Choose What is Better / Luke 10:38-42

June 2015

Fiery Furnace / Youth Student Speaking

REST // “Thrive – Spiritual Maturity”

GIVING / “Thrive – Spiritual Maturity”

May 2015

OUTREACH & DISCIPLESHIP / “Thrive – Spiritual Maturity”

CHURCH / “Thrive” – Spiritual Maturity

TRUST & FAITH – “Thrive – Spiritual Maturity”

SERVANT ATTITUDE / Thrive – Spiritual Maturity

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We pray you are blessed by hearing this message from the Scriptures.  Our prayer is that God would make each message be His Words to you and that they would impact your life as you live out His teachings.